Air pollution, or atmospheric pollution, is a reality that increasingly affects human beings, especially those who live in urban areas, given that cities are ones with the highest levels of pollution. Reducing air pollution requires a lot of work, but from our personal activity, we can help reduce it.

Permanent exposure to air pollution is a huge drain on our health. More polluted air can lead to an increase in allergies, a greater chance for heart disease, and more respiratory pathologies, such as asthma. Carrying out these daily activities will make a difference.

Tips for Reducing Air Pollution:

  1. Use of private cars only when absolutely necessary. It’s recommended to use public transport or to share private cars with several people. The fewer cars on the road, the fewer emissions.
  2. When buying a car, choose an energy-efficient model.
  3. Carry out an annual check of the car to validate that the vehicle does not pollute more than permitted. A car in good condition will always pollute less.
  4. Any journey that can be made by bicycle or walking pollutes less than any car.
  5. Recycling not only reduces the amount of waste on the planet, but it also helps keep the air cleaner. Resources are processed in a way that generates less harmful gases.
  6. Use sprays that do not generate greenhouse gases.
  7. Take care of the green zones of the cities. They do not generate as much oxygen as they do in the countryside, but they can help absorb CO2.
  8. At home, use energy-efficient light bulbs: you will get the same quality of light through the use of efficient energy.
  9. Don’t waste water. Take a shower and not a bath, have a double flush system in the bathroom cistern, and turn off faucets when you are not using it.
  10. Consuming sustainable products and reducing meat in your diet creates an overproduction of food and reduces emissions.

The above are activities that we can all do to reduce air pollution in our cities, however, our homes are very important as well. Firstly, because we breathe it every day; secondly, because external air can enter the interior which, being polluted to whatever degree, introduces foul air into our daily lives; and thirdly, because at home we also carry out actions which can pollute the air we breathe and which we throw outdoors.

We must therefore also take care of our activities at home.

Activities You Can Do At Home:

  1. Ventilate the house daily. Although it seems obvious, adequate ventilation is very important to improve indoor air quality.
  2. Having houseplants helps to renew indoor air naturally and effectively.
  3. Do not smoke in enclosed spaces and go out on the terrace or, if the house permits, provide a smoking area that is isolated from the rest of the home and can be easily ventilated. Now, if you can smoke as far away from home as possible, that’s much better.
  4. When cooking, especially if you fry food, ventilate the kitchen well by opening the windows and use smoke extractors, since frying causes a great deal of air pollution in the house.
  5. Using air purifiers is highly recommended to clean the environment and make it healthier. For example, it helps to prevent allergies for those who do not suffer from them, and for those who do, it helps to mitigate their symptoms.
  6. During summer, use air conditioning rationally if you have it. Find the exact temperature to keep the house cool and do not abuse its use since it consumes a lot of energy.


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