About Me

My name’s Ethan and I am an avid fan of nature’s beauty. I love camping, hiking, fishing, and exploring new and mysterious places I’ve never been to. These experiences in the outdoors have taught me so much and I hope to inspire others to start their own outdoor journey.

My Story

Ever since I went on my first camping outing with my Boy Scout troop to Circle X at the Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation, my new favorite pastime activity is to admire nature’s beauty. From massive Redwood Trees the size of a 36-story building to Leafcutter Ants skillfully taking apart a leaf that they’ll bring back to their queen, I love everything about nature. I couldn’t imagine living in a world without it. But unfortunately, I took it all for granted, as did the rest of the world. 

Fast forward to my Senior year AP Environmental Science class. I learned that Earth’s species are on the verge of a sixth mass extinction. Currently, 26,500 plants and animals are endangered. In a few decades, this number will skyrocket up to 1 million. And the main cause of this catastrophe? Humans. 

Instead of being a bystander, I decided to do something about this problem. Although, I didn’t want to create a temporary solution. It had to be a long term proactive system that would make an impact for generations to come and in order to do this, I would need to change how people viewed nature. Only then will people be more inclined to help save our planet. 

Through my knowledge from Boy Scouts, I write articles that help answer common questions that people have in the outdoors/nature niche as well as informative guides that bring awareness to our environmental issues of today. In addition to the articles, I created a section on my site that lets people share their own favorite outdoor memory. I hope these stories will inspire others to start their own adventure and fall in love with nature.

Final Words

There are two things I really enjoy: the outdoors and helping others. So, I decided to start Cave Prep in order to share my knowledge and years of experience in the wilderness as well as bring awareness to prominent environmental issues of today. Through the informative guides and articles I write, I hope to answer common nature questions and inspire others to help protect our planet.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.